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    Confirmed Symposia

    Frontiers in ocular photobiology (E. Gaillard and T. Sarna, co-chairs)
    Frontiers in Biological Mechanisms of Skin Photodamage and Protection (L. Kolbe & G. Wondrak, co-chairs)
    Frontiers in molecular mechanisms of skin photocarcinogenesis (Y. He, chair)
    Frontiers in DNA bipyrimidine damage and repair (J. Cadet, chair)
    Nitric Oxide-Mediated Photobiological Responses (A. Girotti, chair)
    2016 Photobiology Science Fair for HS students (F. Gasparro, chair)
    Frontiers in Optical Imaging (R. Choe, chair)
    Frontiers in Clinical Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy (C. Simone, chair)
    Frontiers in Photophysics and Biomedical Applications (S. Kanick and B. Spring, co-chairs)
    Current Trends in Photochemistry and Imaging (A. Greer and L. Kelly, co-chairs)
    Symposium in honor of Jack Saltiel (I. Alabugin and E. Gaillard, co-chairs)
    Dynamics and mechanism of DNA repair by photolyase: experiment and theory (Dongping Zhong, chair)
    Frontiers in models, measurement and monitoring in environmental UV (Joanna Turner, chair)
    Antenna processes in photosynthesis (Bob Blankenship, chair)
    Frontiers in Nanoparticulate Approaches to Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy (Jon Lovell, chair)
    Frontiers in the mechanisms of UV-induced inflammation (Shiyong Wu, chair)
    Frontiers in Basic and Applied Bioluminescence (Bill Ward, chair)
    Frontiers in the effects of light on circadian rhythms (Mary Harrington, chair)
    Optical-Image-Guided Interventions: sponsored by the Center for Imaging Medicine at Dartmouth (S. Kanick and S.C. David, co-chairs)
    Phytochromes - From the Real World into Details of Structure and Function (Wolfgang Gärtner, chair)
    Advances in Photoprotection: sponsored by Charles River Laboratories (Doug Learn and Prithwiraj Maitra, co-chairs)

    Confirmed Keynote Speakers

    Keynote speaker:
    Doug Brash, Yale University

    Kendric C. Smith Interdisciplinary Symposium in Photobiology:
    Carlos Crespo, Case Western Reserve University
    Mary Harrington, Smith College

    ASP/ESP Joint Symposium:
    "Combinational Approaches in PDT" Theresa Busch (University of Pennsylvania, ASP co-chair) and Arjan Griffioen (VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, ESP co-chair)

    ASP President’s lecture:
    "Clinical Approaches in PDT", Keith Cengel, University of Pennsylvania