American Society for Photobiology

ASP Conference 2016: 21-26 May 2016
Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina

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30 - Kendric C. Smith Symposium

Florida 4-5   18:00 - 20:00

30-1   17:00  DNA + Light: From Nucleic Acid Bases to Modifications that Sensitize Damage in Cells CE Crespo-Hernandez*, Case Western University

Abstract: DNA is the carrier of genetic information for almost every organism on Earth. The genome's vulnerability to damage through the absorption of solar ultraviolet radiation has sustained interest in the light-induced chemistry of the nucleic acid bases for decades. Emphasis in this area by our research group has recently shifted toward understanding the electronic and structural elements that regulate the relaxation pathways in the nucleic acid bases and how this fundamental information may be used to advance nucleic acid derivatives for applications in topical phototherapy. Our most recent and exciting results will be presented in this Symposium. NSF funding is acknowledged (CHE-1255084).

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