Executive Committee: Keith Cengel (Chair)
Members: Beth Gaillard, Georg Wondrak, Don Forbes, Theresa Busch, Brett Burk
Executive Committee Charter

Grants and Awards: David Kessel (Chair)
Members: Nancy Olenick, Charles

Education Committee: Charles Simone (Chair)
Members: Imran Rizvi, Joanna Turner, Doug Learn, Frank Gasparro, Theresa Busch
Education Committee  Charter

Outreach/Membership: Alec Greer (Chair)
Members:  Ashwini Ghogare, Huang Chiao (Joe) Huang, Dave Sliney, Don Forbes, Nihal Ahmad, Executive Secretariat
Outreach/Membership Committee Charter

Publication Committee: Jonathan Lovell (Chair)
Members: Jean Cadet, David Kessel, Ed Maytin, Executive Secretariat
Publication Committee Charter

Digital Communications Committee: Stephen Kanick (Chair)
Members: Kendric Smith, John Lee, Don Forbes
Digital Communications Committee Charter

Associate Member/Mentoring Committee:  Kimberly Samkoe (Chair),
Members: Beth Gaillard, Theresa Busch, Keith Cengel, Charles Simone, Imran Rizvi, Ashwini Ghogare, Huang Chiao (Joe) Huang
Associate Member/Mentoring Committee Charter 

ASP International Engagement and Outreach Committee
Chair: Beth Gaillard
Outreach/Liaison Africa: Caradee Wright & Bice Martincigh
Outreach/Liaison Latin America: Carlos Crespo-Hernandez & Beth Gaillard
Outreach/Liaison Europe (including European Society for Photobiology): Thierry Douki
Outreach/Liaison Asia: TBA
Outreach/Liaison Australasia: TBA