2nd ASP Associate Online Symposium 2017
Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to take part in the Associate Online Symposium?

No, there is no entrance fee.


Do I have to be an Associate member of ASP?

If you want to share your poster, poster presentation or video, and are not an Associate member you can do so. However, if you wish to be considered for a prize, you must be a current Associate Member of the American Society for Photobiology.


I am a full member of the ASP. Can I also enter?

This event is specifically for Associate Members, therefore if you did submit an entry, you will not be eligible for a prize.


Why do I have to submit an abstract prior to taking part in the event?

An abstract is required to ensure that the topic is within the scope of the American Society for Photobiology. This is also normal for any conference and this event will mimic many aspects of a physical conference.


Does my poster have to be set out as a poster, or can I submit PowerPoint slides to be viewed instead?

PowerPoint slides will not be accepted for judging if submitted as a standalone poster in the poster category. Learning to create a poster is important as it is one large document that must speak for itself.


I want to do my poster presentation using Prezi – can I do this?

If you wish to use Prezi, there must be a copy of the entire standalone poster that can be viewed apart from the presentation (if it has not already been submitted to the poster category). The Prezi presentation should not show a poster that is different to the standalone poster.


What’s the difference between the poster presentation and the video?

The key difference is that in the poster presentation category, you will be aiming your presentation of your poster to a scientist not in your field of expertise. It will be technical and provide relevant topical information. You can narrate the presentation to the poster and guide the poster viewer to specific information. You can record narration only, or use screen capture, or record a video of you presenting the poster.

The video category is not aimed at a scientific audience, and must be understandable by a member of the public. The video aims to educate or pitch your research. It should be interesting and entertaining and can be as creative as you can make it.


What kind of file types are allowed for submission?

Posters are preferred to submitted in .pdf, .ppt, or .pptx or similar software. The guidelines indicate that poster presentations could be done with powerpoint and embedded narration, however these may produce extremely large file sizes and will be unable to be uploaded to the website. If an Associate finds their file is this large, it is recommended to convert the file to a video and upload to a video hosting platform, and instead provide the associated URL. Free screen capture software can be used, such as: https://tinytake.com/ and https://www.techsmith.com/jing.html. There are many other screen capture software that can be used.


Do I have to be visible in the video or poster presentation?

No you do not have to have yourself in the video, although the criteria indicates it is desirable. You can provide narration to a screen. The winner of the combined poster and video category in 2015 provided a video with animation and narration. You can view this entry here http://photobiology.org/virtual2015/video.php?id=12.


The prizes are related to the Meeting in 2018. Can I opt to take an equivalent cash prize instead?

No, the prizes are fixed. If you win and cannot accept the prize, the organisers reserve the right to retain the prize and offer to the next ranked candidate. The organisers also have the right to not issue a prize if there is no suitable entry in that category.


How long does the Symposium run for?

The event is currently aiming to be open for at least a three weeks, but is subject to the discretion of the organisers, and may run for longer or shorter than currently advertised. More information will be provided to entrants as we move closer to the event start date.



When is the abstract closing date?

Abstracts will close Monday 29th May, 2017.

Entrants are encouraged to submit their abstract earlier than this to give themselves enough time to make their poster, poster presentation or video.


When does the event start?

A final call for abstracts will occur approximately one month prior to the start of the event which currently aimed to open in early July. An official date will be provided soon.