2nd ASP Associate Online Symposium 2017
Submission Guidelines

The abstract should be no longer than 300 words. One abstract will be sufficient for multiple categories if they are on the same topic.
Students may submit more than one abstract if they would like to provide different projects in different categories however each student may only submit one application per category (in other words up to three abstracts may be submitted but only one application per category will be accepted).

NOTE: All submissions (abstracts, posters and videos) need approval from the mentors and/or PI's of the work presented.

Available categories:

1. Poster Submission

The poster will be hosted online through the ASP website. By entering the competition, each applicant grants ASP the right to display the poster to its members and other participating applicants to the Virtual Poster Symposium for the duration of the year following the symposium (usually concluded by the Bienniel Congress of the American Society for Photobiology in even numbered years). The poster should be in a format that is able to be resized for ease of reading and judging. Acceptable formats are .ppt, .pptx, .pdf. Applicants may be asked to convert their formats to a smaller compression size should the file sizes become too large.

Applicants are encouraged to be a specific as possible about their research, but are reminded that other students and researchers will be reading the information supplied, that may not have as strong as understanding of that research topic. Therefore the language of the poster should be aimed accordingly.

Judges will consider design as well as technical content, therefore submissions should be carefully considered for amount of text versus relevant diagrams.

Students who may have copyright issues with their research should ensure they have the appropriate permission from their supervisor to be able to submit their poster. Applicants will be asked as a part of the terms and conditions of the symposium to acknowledge they have the copyright permissions to publish the poster online.

Applicants should carefully review the poster submission instructions which will be provided after a submitted abstract has been accepted.

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Poster Judging Criteria

2. Poster Presentation

This category is designed for interactive presentations, and encourages applicants to present their work as they would at a conference. Submitters to this category should not plan to just read their posters, which will not provide new information. Instead, applicants are encouraged to "talk to" their poster, and make use of zoom or highlighting systems that will focus on a particular section of a poster at a time. Submissions are allowed to use presentation slides instead if there is difficulty in using a single poster file. The judges will look for creativity in expression and connection to the poster, as well as technical relevance.

Submission can be provided in the following formats:

  • Narration embedded into powerpoint file (PPT, PPTX)
  • Video recording of presentation (should be hosted on a video sharing website (youtube, vimeo). Submission should be URL linking to the video.
  • Online presentation software (ie Prezi) providing it does not require password access. Submission should be URL linking to the presentation.

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Poster Presentation Judging Criteria

3. Video Submission

Applicants are asked to provide a video that complements their poster.

This category can be used in various ways. These include, but are not limited to, the following two suggested styles:
- Research pitch/elevator pitch
- Outreach and engagement
Submitters are encouraged to be creative in deciding how to produce and use their videos. This category is not the same as category 2, and submissions of the same video for category 2 and 3 will not be accepted if they do not fit the specified criteria. Applicants should design the video to explain their research and why it is important to a non-technical audience or "lay person". The video should aim to explain with minimal jargon, or if using jargon, explain it in an appropriate manner.

This video will be not be password protected, and will available to public access. The video should not exceed five minutes, and applicants are encouraged to use visual aids within the video to support their explanation, if necessary. Videos will be required to be hosted by a devoted video hosting website (eg., youtube, vimeo and tumblr) which will be linked to, by the ASP website. Submission should be URL linking to the video.

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Video Judging Criteria