2nd ASP Associate Online Symposium 2017
Judging Process

The Virtual Poster Symposium has three separate sections: the poster, the presented poster and the video. Applicants should aim to provide technical work in their poster and/or poster presentation but should not rely on technical information in the video category. Entries should aim to be standalone (one does not require to watch the video to understand the information provided in the poster and vice versa). The following criteria will be used by judges to select the best entries.


  1. Poster is legible with appropriate resizing if necessary. The information in the poster should be self-contained and preferably should not require further reading of other material although references are expected of related work.
  2. Students should aim to produce a poster that is scientifically and technically explained, but should attempt to provide explanations that a person not in the specific field should be able to understand. Therefore some definitions of key terms and processes should be included if necessary. Applicants are encouraged to include a "glossary box" if necessary.
  3. Slides from a presentation will not be accepted as a submission of a poster. The document should be presented as a single document.
  4. The judges will be using the following criteria to select the finalists:

    1. Design – Do the concepts flow in a logical progression?
    2. Clarity – Conciseness is an important quality of research. Therefore, does the presenter provide the necessary details in a brief but thorough way?
    3. Importance of research – What do the conclusions provide to the overall field of photobiology? Given the intermediate state of most presentations, this category is judged independently of the finalized state of the research. It instead focuses on the potential of the project assuming success in the proposed future work.
    4. Quality of research – Does the design of the research answer the question proposed by the hypothesis? Are necessary controls included and sufficient in answering research questions? Is the data, as presented, interpreted properly?
    5. Written and Visual communication of concepts and research. – What is the overall aesthetic of the poster, and how does it enhance the content being presented? Is the provided information free from typographical errors? Are legends, axes, and images easy to read?

Poster Presentation

The criteria used in the Poster section will be applied here with the additional criteria:

  • Clarity of the narration/presentation
  • Linkage between presentation and the poster
  • Ability to highlight specific sections and explain without word for word narration
  • Interest generated from the presentation.
  • Presentation styled toward scientific audience not in your area of expertise.


Applicants should adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Videos should be three to five minutes long. The video should not be longer than five minutes.
  2. It is not necessary for the presenter to be in the visual frame for the whole video, but it is preferable to view the presenter for at least a short period of the video.

  3. Audio narration with diagrams or animations is allowed.
  4. The video should be aimed to a non-technical audience.
  5. Specific terms should be defined.
  6. Creativity in the video is encouraged.
  7. Judges will specifically consider:
    1. Ability to explain their topic to a non-scientist.
    2. Adherence to the guidelines above.
    3. Entertainment factor (was it enjoyable to watch?).

People's Choice Prize

The following criteria should be used in voting for the People's Choice Prize:


  1. Readability
  2. Communication
  3. Relevance

Poster presentation

  1. Communication connection with poster presented

  2. Clarity of poster presentation

  3. Enjoyment of the presentation


  1. Communication of concepts
  2. Entertainment factor (was it easy to watch?)
  3. Understanding (did you understand what they said and would someone from the public understand it too?).

Please note self-nomination will NOT be accepted for the People's Prize.

The selection of the people's choice award will be conducted using an online survey. Each applicant will be asked to answer a brief series of questions about their chosen people's choice awardee. The questions to be answered will be provided closer to the time of the Symposium.

After the main award winners have been identified and removed from the People's Prize candidates, a winner will be identified by selecting the candidate with the highest number of votes.

If this results in a tie between two or more candidates, the judges will be asked to provide the final judged scores of the candidates to help voters to decide a final outcome.

Only one People's Prize per category will be awarded per Symposium offering. If insufficient votes overall are received to distinguish a winner, the American Society for Photobiology reserves the right to not award a prize.