2nd ASP Associate Online Symposium 2017

If participants are working on a copyright protected project, they must have the permission of all copyright parties to participate in the Symposium. They should note that videos for category 3 must not be password protected and available for public viewing. Category 1 and 2 can allow for some restricted access in viewing (to only ASP members) however, participants should carefully consider submitting work if there is any concerns over copyright, and seek advice from their supervisory team and research group.

Applicants who wish to be considered for prizes must be Associate ASP members.

Applications who are not members will not be eligible for prizes, however if they meet all other entry criteria may submit to include their work in the symposium (subject to abstract acceptance). Non-members will be encouraged to join to be considered for prizes.

As a part of the Symposium, applicants are required to answer questions from judges and/or fellow applicants that can be posted to the page where their poster and video is hosted. During the specified Symposium dates, consisting of a preliminary round and final round of judging, the applicants should ensure that questions are answered within 48 hours so that judges can make appropriate decisions regarding final awards. Applicants who are selected for the final round will be required to answer any questions within 48 hours of the notification that they have been selected as a finalist. Unanswered questions will be taken into consideration when selecting finalists.

Applicants are also expected to take part in the selection of the People's Prize. Specifically each applicant is required to vote for the poster/poster video/video that they believe meets the People's Prize criteria the best. The People's prize cannot be received if another Poster prize has been awarded to that finalist.